Asian Nitro Championships
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It is hard to belive that nearly 2 years have passed due Covid and we are still not able to organize any international events. With a majority of the Internatioinal World still closed or having massive restrictions on foriegn travel, we have no option but to keep postponing any schedule we have had for the ANC.  There will be a day when the ANC will roll again but for now, we just have to wait. Best wishes to everyone,



3-15-2020 -  

These are unprecedented times we have in the World with the threat and precautions being taken for the virus. As we watched countries around the World implement safety precautions regarding travel and quarantine, we were hopeful that Australia would be ok but that is not the case. Last night my time here in the US, Australia implemented a quarantine for international travelers much like New Zealand did yesterday. This unfortunately leaves us no options but to cancel the ANC Brisbane next month. Our goal was to push ahead and have the event until this final decision of the quarantine gave us no options. All of us on the ANC team sends our apologies to everyone who has made plans to join us. I spoke to Kenji just a few moments ago and he also sends is sincerely apologies to everyone as he was with me to push forward and host the event but agrees we can no longer do it.

Our plans are to move on for a 2020-2021 season with our goal to open the new season in October in Taiwan. We will keep everyone fully up to speed on things as the chaos subsides over the coming months and we can move forward with life and a new season. We all thank you for your patience and understanding on this very difficult time in the World and hope everyone remains safe.

Thank you for your understanding,

Scotty and the ANC Team.


2-28-2020 - After last years amazing ANC event at England Park Raceway we are very excited to be bringing the show back to this amazing venue. With them hosting the World Championships this year, we expect an amazing turnout. For those who are planning on attending, please do not wait to make your entry as the plan is to close entries once all the available pit spaces are filled. We will not be hiring extra tents or making any extra pit space after the existing spots fill up. So make sure to make your entries soon.  

The ANC is a series that is based in Asia and as we all know, Asia is having some difficult times with the virus. So after many discussions with my team, we have decided to only run 1 Round of the ANC this season and it will be at England Park. This is not what we want to do but we feel this is the best decision at this time moving forward. I am confident that throughout the coming months, everything will settle down and we can look forward to next season. The plan will be to start the 2020-2021 season in October this year and run it through May or June of 2021. I will have the locations of the new season locked in well in advance to allow everyone ample time to make plans.  I hope everyone understands our decision and we look forward to seeing many of the ANC family in Australia April 2-5 2020.





1-30-2020- The New Year is upon us and we are getting things ready for year 2 of the Asian Nitro Championship! After a tremendous openign year of the ANC last year, we are geared up to bring more fun and exciting events to the region.  Our open round is set for April 2-5 in Brisbane Australia and the amazing England Park Raceway. Last year this event was our most popular and set the stage for what the ANC is all about. Exotic Locations, Great Racing and Good times shared with racers from around the World and of course the now famous Saturday Night under the lights pit stop challenge and BBQ.  The 2020 season will be a 3 round series, Rounds 2 & 3 are not set yet but will be very soon.  We hope you can join us for what we know will be the most fun you will ever have at a Nitro event. 

Nitro on-road Racing is often considered the Formula 1 of RC. With pit stops, tire changes, and incredible speeds, it has all the makings of a thrilling event. With the Asian Nitro Championships, we are going to take it to a new level. The ANC will travel around the region to bring racers a new kind of event with excitement and fun. Organized by Scotty Ernst who is well know for his commentary and race direction, the ANC is a series that racers have long wanted and will be excited to participate in. The opening season will consist of 3 events taking us to Hong Kong, Australia and Japan, with the 2020 season expanding to more events. We hope you will make plans to join us for a new kind of series that focuses on fun, excitement, and speed!