Asian Nitro Championships
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6-13-19: Things are progressing nicely for plans for the ANC Final Round at Infinity International RC Speedway and we have the hotel information that many of you have been waiting for.  Our host hotel will be- 

Rokkoku Kogen Hotel  

36-2  Hokuseicho-gakiuti inabe-city Mie Japan

Cost of a room per night will be 6500 Yen for 1 person or 7500 Yen for 2 people in a room.  



Information needed: Type of room, 1 bed or 2. Names of people in each room, check in date, check out date. 



6-4-19: After an absolute amazing round 2 in Brisbane Australia that proved exactly what the ANC is all about. Great racing, Good times in exotic locations, we are preparing to wrap up our 1st year of the ANC at Infinity International RC Speedway in Suzuka Japan. Infinity International RC Speedway construction is going well and will be ready to go for its first major event when it host the ANC.  I have received many messages from racers around the World who want to attend ANC Round 3 and we have a bit of information for you.  Nagoya Airport NGO is the airport you will want to fly into to make your trip the easiest.  We will have a shuttle bus on Tuesday and Wednesday from Nagoya to the Track, It is about 1 hour 15 min bus ride so we will try and schedule the bus when it is most convenient to collect all racers, You may have to wait at the airport for a while.We will also have a shuttle bus from the hotel to the track and back each day for all international racers. We are currently working with local hotels to arrange a good price for our event and we will have this information as soon as possible. If you fly into Narita “NRT” or Haneda “HND” it is a long trip by car 5 to 6 hours. Train is possible but we will work on that if you have to take the train.  Please know, we are here to help do all we can to make your trip to the ANC as stress free as possible and will help all we can with hotel accommodations and transportation.  Please feel free to email me at with any questions and also with your flight information when you book your flights. DO NOT FB MESSAGE ME. EMAIL IS THE WAY TO CONTACT ME AT PLEASE.  Let me know if you have any questions at all and we look forward to seeing a international crowd of racers join us for the finals of the ANC at Infinity 

4-26-19: Round 2 of the ANC is underway here in Australia and it is going great. A beautiful raceway here in Brisbane is making for some exciting racing. But racing is not the only that is getting us excited.  We are proud to annoucne the date for the ANC Finals this year at the brand new Infinity Raceway.  Suzuka Japan is the place you will want to be on August 28 thru Sept 1.  Schedule info is posted on the schedule page and event info will be coming soon with airport and hotel info.  Racers from around the World will be joining us for what will be an amazing facility and an exciting finish to the inagural year of the Asian Nitro Championship.  Stay tuned for more info. 

2-1-19: We know traveling to an event has many challenges, so the ANC is doing all we can to make your experience with us the best possible.  For our international participants, we will providing shuttle service from the host hotel to the track and back each day starting on Thursday.  You must contact us by March 1st to inform us that you will be using the shuttle to ensure we have enough space.  Please email me at

1-30-19: As we continue to prepare for the opening round of the ANC we are doing all we can to help accommodate our traveling racers. To help ease your worry of traveling with so much luggage, the ANC will be providing Tire Truers at each ANC event for those racers who fly to our events. We know every Kilo you can save in your luggage is a tremendous help and that the truers are very heavy, so we welcome you to leave yours at home and join us with one less thing to worry about. 


Nitro on-road Racing is often considered the Formula 1 of RC. With pit stops, tire changes, and incredible speeds, it has all the makings of a thrilling event. With the Asian Nitro Championships, we are going to take it to a new level. The ANC will travel around the region to bring racers a new kind of event with excitement and fun. Organized by Scotty Ernst who is well know for his commentary and race direction, the ANC is a series that racers have long wanted and will be excited to participate in. The opening season will consist of 3 events taking us to Hong Kong, Australia and Japan, with the 2020 season expanding to more events. We hope you will make plans to join us for a new kind of series that focuses on fun, excitement, and speed!